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We will feel the same way about FAST FASHION, as we do about FAST FOOD

#samebutdifferent // “After 10 years we will feel the same way about FAST FASHION, as we do now about FAST FOOD, says Ruta - mother of two, traveler, water sports enthusiast and the manager of Pacai Hotel👏 Ruta joins our initiative and shares her thoughts on sustainability, responsible consumption and freedom. For her styling ideas she has chosen Black Denim Jacket made from deadstock fabric🌿

1. Recently, the topic of sustainability has become increasingly debated and relevant. However, the term “sustainability” is understood and interpreted in many different ways. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the term “sustainable fashion”?

- “Recently I have heard such a quote in one report: 'After 10 years we will feel the same way about fast fashion, as we do now about fast food’ - so this is what comes first to my mind. But at the same time for me sustainability means less in quantity but more in quality”.

2. What is responsible consumption for you?

- “Responsible consumption is primarily associated with a conscious life. I take responsibility for myself, I choose which products to consume, how to preserve land and natural resources, what products to give up or to replace with other. Also, responsible consumption means good planning for me, e.g. plannings weekly dinner menu for my family and buying groceries once per week”.

3. What does "freedom" mean to you?

-“Freedom is an opportunity to choose and to decide how I live, what kind of relationship and jobs I create. Freedom for me is inseparable from the word ‘responsibility’ - says Rūta @familylivingadream

Rūta is wearing our beloved ‘Oversized Denim Jacket’ made from fabric deadstock. Find it here:


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