Sustainability is what each of us can do individually

Stylist GIEDRE ANUZYTE is talking about the roots of sustainability in fashion and her personal approach to this movement. For our #samebutdifferent project intending to show that the same piece of items can by styled differently Giedre has chosen WHITE ORGANIC COTTON SWEATSHIRT.

"For some people, the term sustainable fashion is still new. Although indeed the beginning of this movement appears with the emergence of a consumer society in the mid-20th century. Sustainable fashion ideas and values ​​are shaped by subcultures such as hippies, which emphasize naturalness, the idea of ​​a simpler lifestyle and being closer to nature, as well as the punk and gothic movement, which style is shaped by vintage, second hand clothes that are creatively resurrected. The 90s brought not only human exploitation and deaths due to fast fashion and globalization. It was a period when companies like Patagonia and Esprit were trying to find more sustainable production solutions, as well as it was a time of focusing on industry workers (especially after the events of 2013).

No matter how seductive or enriching a fashion story is, I also participate in it. I am also a producer, buyer or consumer. I help to sell a product or I teach how to consume fashion. I am a stylist and frankly, I had moments at work when I no longer knew what my place was in this industry. I even had to take a serious break, to create space for rethinking my daily habits. When it comes to sustainable fashion today, I don’t want to go into a debate about what is sustainable because there are a lot of articles written about it. Therefore, I will speak from my personal experience. For me, this fashion movement is associated with what each of us can do individually. I’m certainly not an example of how to protect nature or protect the environment, but I believe there are small things that really contribute to a more conscious lifestyle".

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

2020 October