I don't say 'GOODBYE" quickly to my clothes

REDA MICKEVICIUTE - a talented photographer and stylist shares her thoughts on her work and her approach to consious consumption. To inspire you to style your clothes simply and easy Reda has chosen black “DON'T PANIC GO ORGANIC” sweatshirt for our #samebutdifferent project.

1. You are not only a great photographer, but also a stylist. Did the desire to style come from the fact that you yourself are a bright personality, who likes to play with colours, different styles, details and wants to share this innate ability with the environment? Or is it more because you see a demand in the market?

- In general, the market, I think, is crowded with stylists today. However, we have few stylists who are able to work well with commercial projects. Doing a commercial project well is challenging. I’ve been interested in fashion since I was little. In the beginning it was more like a hobby, but now it has developed into work as well. So I choose both photography and stylist work not because there is a shortage of these specialists on the market, it is simply MY ACTIVITY I LOVE. I like to work with visuals, I come up with an idea, see the script clearly, lay out the colours, apply different locations. Usually both the photographer and the stylist have their own style, but when you work with magazines for many years, you learn to look flexibly at different situations and to do very different projects, depending on the style of the task.

2. You are one of those women who is not in a hurry to say goodbye to old clothes, but prefers to rediscover them by changing combinations and details. What does sustainability and conscious consumption mean to you? To what extent do you think the pandemic has changed / will change women's habits and attitude towards consumption in general?

- Yes, it's true - I really don’t throw clothes away easily. If I see that it is not my thing, then I sell it or gift it to someone. Because I have a large closet, I have the opportunity to store more clothes in it I just keep them longer, I don’t say goodbye quickly, and in different outfits I add trendy details to the old clothes and the look becomes fashionable again.


Outfit #1. I have chosen this black Dear Freedom sweatshirt/blouse because I have a lot of active clothes in my closet that require something in black to be mixed. With this combination, I wanted to show how it is possible to wear bold and colourful trousers by "blurring" them with the appropriate upper.

Outfit #2. While the skirt may not seem to go very well with a sporty style blouse, there is a trend now - a top of this style can be easily styled with silk or jersey skirt, the one that’s colourful or monochrome. So I have chosen this sweatshirt because it is very easy to match it with different colors and styles.

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2020 September