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Most loved places in Berlin, everyday rituals and sustainability

#samebutdifferent // About the exclusive and most loved places in Berlin, sustainability and everyday rituals we have been talking with personal blog about style and lifestyle writer Tina Haase ( Style Appetite

1. What are your daily rituals?

While we are still in lockdown mode, I'm usually starting my day with a home workout. Depending on the mood, I'm choosing different HIIT workouts or a yoga session and have a refreshing shower afterwards. On weekends, I'm pausing the sports session and switching it for a long breakfast and even longer walks outside.

2. How ofter do you buy clothes? What kind of clothes do you choose, how do you select them?

I like to browse for clothes online but when it comes to actually buying/ deciding for a piece, I'm taking my time. I like to build a capsule wardrobe with timeless (and sustainable) pieces plus investing in some designer accessories like bags/ shoes, that I know I'll keep for a long time. Vintage and Secondhand shopping is also a great find - whether its offline or online.

3. Recently, the word “sustainability” is very much discussed and debated. What ’sustainability” means to you?

Sustainable means that I'm actually realising and caring about how clothes were made, what effort has been put into it and the effect it has on our environment. Repairing items, lending clothes or bags or buying secondhand - there are many ways to be more sustainable in my opinion.

4. DEAR FREEDOM brand name has it’s beautiful story, what does “freedom” mean to you?

Freedom comes from my parents, who always supported me in whatever way I wanted to explore the world and challenge myself. Freedom also means Berlin for me - as its a city with such variety of people and so many different cultures. Also, freedom means that I can work on many different projects with amazing brands and labels as a part of my job. Also, being able to work from different places (hopefully soon again).

5. Your favourite places in Berlin.

The perfect brunch spot - Benedict's

For healthy lunch - the Klub Kitchen

A gallery you should visit - Camera Work

An interesting museum about sustainabilty and the future we could live in - Futurium

Architecture at its finest: Mies van der Rohe Haus and Neue Nationalgalerie

Relax and enjoy the nature - Tiergarten

The yummiest bagels and coffee - LuLa shopping the chic way - KaDeWe

Browsing stores and discover new things - around Hackescher Markt / Schönhauser Allee or check the flea markets mostly happening on weekends

Tina is wearing Dear Freedom Blue Organic Cotton Combo


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