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Stylist is a best advocate of your personal beauty

VILIJA RUSINSKAITE - stylist, fashion brand consultant, fashion writer and photographer has chosen white skirt for her styling ideas.

Vilija, share your thoughts on your work as a professional stylist, is it still relevant in terms of personal consultations at the moment? Or maybe Lithuanians are already managing their wardrobe / style perfectly? And tell me more about the choice of Dear Freedom ‘WHITE WRAP SKIRT’ for your 2 different outfit inspirations and ideas for #samebutdifferent project.

As far as I can remember from the beginning of my carrier as a personal styling and shopping assistant, that feeling of “how much more is left to do” is still here today. Most of my clients are mega busy, time-saving women, sometimes they feel they have lost themselves somewhere in the rush (only about 2 percent of men). And we begin by talking about feelings, associations, complexes - clothes join the overall picture at the latest. Women who love the game of fashion, who easily and without stress create their own looks are not looking for stylists, because styling is an interesting and happy game for them. I always say that women must love themselves more, because only when you love yourself it is easier to live with your body and to dress it up nicely. But so far it’s still a lot to learn for many of us- to love yourself and to let yourself to have pleasures and to experience beauty without growing your confidence for another 10 years. This is a very broad, deep and serious topic, it can be used to write books, do podcasts and it will never finish! A personal stylist is a friend, a counselor, a helper, the best advocate of your personal beauty, and not some mannered, self-satisfied pomp with a new luxury bag. We are guided by the most sincere and the best intentions and our mission is to help you to find yourself the best and most beautiful looks, a dressing system (I have already spoken very dramatically for all my colleagues here, but it is necessary because there is no stylist union :)) Our job is not to drop the latest trends blindly because it is a ‘must-have’ and it’s fashionable now. Sometimes people are not used to pointed shoes, which god knows for how many years are in trade, so the latest trends can be very intimidating. Thus personal stylist will always be in demand, because fashion and styling may seem as a very deep and confusing jungle, and we are the wizards here:) To sum up, crisis or not crisis, the need of personal stylist still remains.


Outfit #1 I love those pieces of Dear Freedom collections that have Asian stylistic motifs or details. Thus, it was clear that I definitely need this ‘ninja’ skirt from Dear Freedom latest collection. By wearing this skirt combined with a black blouse I live in my ‘fridish’ (I’m still reading a very thick, never ending biography of Frida Kahlo) stage. I have consciously created a silhouette and proportions of the folk costume, pairing the clothes with modest, small and flat sandals and added more accessories to my hair. I would definitely go to the wedding dressed up like this.

Outfit #2 In combination with the striped shirt, I wanted to create an outfit that is as loose as possible, with more volume and maximum oversized proportions. This one is the outfit for uplifted routine, when you wake up feeling beautiful and you have the strength to move the mountains, you have the good mood for all the planned meetings and the wind blows through your clothes unstoppable. This is the costume for inner and self-respecting freedom.

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2020 August


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