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Being brave in experimenting with your style

We’re back with news! To inspire you to combine different styles and to style your clothes simply and easy we are introducing a new section #samebutdifferent! Here our favourite stylists, bloggers and influencers will show and advise how the same clothes can be easily mixed and matched with several outfits, how to create different looks with the same piece and to be brave in experimenting with your style.

SIMONA SENKAUSKAITE - fashion stylist, professional, style diva is presenting to you her outfits and is answering our questions. She has chosen our blue “DON’T PANIC GO ORGANIC” sweatshirt for her styling ideas.

1. Sweatshirt +…= Perfect Combo// What is the first garment/accessory that is coming to your head that you would pair this sweatshirt with?

- The favourite shoes.

2. What is the clothing item you would never wear with this sweatshirt?

- I doubt there is a garment or accessory that would not fit or would ruin the outfit. Maybe I would avoid matching extremely different colour tones to this sweatshirt.

3. Reject/ Confirm the following favourite myth of the customers: a sweatshirt is a sports / leisure garment.

- Ha, of course I deny this myth and I am glad to see more and more sports/leisure clothes adapted to everyday life on the streets. I believe there are no more rules for fashion.

4. Sustainable fashion - what does it mean to you?

- Care.

5. What fashion trends are your eyes currently focusing on?

- I am currently experimenting with the content of my closet, looking for new inspirations, trying to find it in the different decades of fashion, in the music of that time, rather than concentrating on certain trends.


Outfit #1 I have chosen this look to play with the contrast, materiality and colour. I wanted to show that a bold colour leisure sweatshirt can be easily adapted to a “more festive” style, to give it a little charm.

Outfit #2 I have chosen the classic black suit to wear with a blue sweatshirt because I wanted to show that it’s possible to add a little “sporty” spice to the classic outfit, while maintaining its stylistics.

2020 July


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