Detoxification - the main trend in fashion and lifestyle

Stylist GIEDRE ANUZYTE is talking about cleaning and sorting your closet and invites us to choose garments as pets or travel companions. Giedre is wearing Dear Freedom blue "Don't panic Go organic" sweatshirt and supports our #samebutdifferent collaboration.

When it comes to clothes, I often come across people who have too many items in general and often these clothes were purchased not because they needed them or it was a perfect fit, but because they were sad, bored, cheap, beautiful, because they saw someone wearing one item or the other. While in reality, one often buys one more garment or accessory that doesn’t find its place, it doesn’t perform a function or is doomed from the start to fall into the “don’t know what to fit” section.

The main trend in fashion and lifestyle for the coming years could be called detoxification. When cleaning and sorting becomes a very important part of closet’s formation. Try yourself to remove all your fashion “assets” from your closets, chests and drawers. As the Japanese Marie Kondo advises - put everything in one pile and see what it looks like in one space. I can even make sure you will feel what the detoxification process means. Just an attempt to try everything on in front of a mirror can lead you to fainting. And the most interesting part is that even having so many items, you won’t find anything to wear anyway. I’ve heard that if you want to stop eating certain food or product, just buy a large amount of it. So the same is with fashion - the more we have, the less we want to consume it. Then we suddenly get tired of this one-day fast fashion and we wish to jump in to our beloved jeans, put on a high quality cotton sweatshirt or a good-cut t-shirt that didn’t shrink, didn’t stretch and didn’t fade. This is the moment when you understand where sustainable fashion begins. It is in each of our heads, handbags, shoes or is hanging forgotten in our closets.

Therefore, I invite to think about SUSTAINABILITY not from what I want, but from what I really do not want anymore. From what I really wear for myself. I invite you to choose each item as if it was a pet or a travel companion.

I have a simple rule - do not go to the store hungry. Because if I am full I come with a thoughtful shopping list, but if I am hungry I pick up what I will never put in my mouth or on my body again.

In general, I try to make clothes easier for me and avoid awkward, one-day clothes. If I can’t use that item over and over again in different combinations, I’ll probably never buy it. As a result, my closet is dominated by very simple and well-crafted models. I often diversify them with weirder accessories, so even wearing the same clothes that have already become uniform, I am able to surprise and look different.

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2020 October