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Sweatshirt - one of the most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe

EMILIJA VISKONTAITE - stylist of STILIUSOS & social media editor of L'OFFICIEL LITHUANIA is sharing her styling ideas for Dear Freedom pink “FEED ME FLOWERS or champagne” sweatshirt #samebutdifferent

1. Pink sweatshirt. Why did you choose it for your style ideas?

- Sincerely - the words on the sweatshirt! It’s lovely when not only the colour of the garment, but also the details add playfulness to the outfit and become a great accent to the combination.

2. Reject/ Confirm the following favourite myth of the customers: a sweatshirt is a sports / leisure garment.

- Absolutely no! Comfort should no longer be associated only with casual wear. The sweatshirt has become one of the most versatile and easy-to-combine pieces of clothing and a part of capsule wardrobe. It matches both classic jackets and dresses and allows you to create not only casual, but also smart-casual combinations. So the variations of outfits with it are endless.

3. Sustainable fashion - what does it mean to you?

- First of all - responsibility.

4. Do you agree with the idea that less is more? How many clothes is it enough to have in the closet during the warm season?

- Definitely yes, but the most important part is the balance, both in terms of the amount of garments, style details and the mixing and matching of them. The quantity of clothing pieces is very individual thing, but in general and if to talk about the sufficiency of items for at least few stylish looks: monochrome dress, straight and longer silhouette jacket, white oversized shirt, sweatshirt, straight silhouette pants/jeans, casual t-shirt and several matching accessories, sneakers, mules, mid-heel sandals and high quality handbag! From this much of items you will create at least 7 different outfits, thus clothing for the whole week will be ready!


Outfit #1 Sweatshirt is not just for leisure. Wearing it with a monochrome combination, a delicate and classic patterned jacket, leather pants and high heels, you can confidently go to the meeting, and in the evening have fun in the city not only in style, but also feeling comfortable. The pink colour goes well with brown shades, gold shade accessories match the details of the handbag and give the outfit modern look. Thus this combination no longer creates an association of "sporty" look.

Outfit #2 When, if not in the warm season, we can experiment with white clothes? The combination of pink and white is one of the most summery choices. Brightly coloured sneakers that match the colour of the sweater help to maintain the correct proportions.

2020 August


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