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Buying new clothes and self-love lessons

@rasajusionyte - the founder of @whatdopeopledomag joined our project with pleasure! For her daily outfits she has chosen our Oversized Navy Denim Jacket💫

Find her inspiring story below🤍

When I didn’t love myself, I was constantly buying new clothes. It seemed that if I was fashionable enough, beautiful enough (or just like all others), I would finally be worthy of love. Only much later, in the office of the therapist, I realized - maybe that’s going to be news for you too - even if I didn’t have a single achievement, career laurels, smooth skin, healthy hair or beautiful clothes, I would still have something to be loved for. It is enough that “I am”. Just that. “I am” and this is enough. For me, IT WAS a REVOLUTIONARY IDEA, that destroyed an idyllic perception of the world.

And the clothes ... after opening the closet, at first little by little, later more bravely, I threw out the clothes (well, more precisely, I sold them on Vinted), the ones that did not bring me happiness. Some jeans were bought because the girl I was following on Instagram was wearing them (although they didn't fit me well), a lot of blouses didn’t match anything else…ALL THE CLOTHES SYMBOLIZED THAT I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM I and I’m very easily influenced by external opinion. And what do I like? What do I want to be?

I will not emphasize the values ​​that I do not live in 100%. Sometimes I buy a fast fashion garment, but in general I buy a lot less, I know what I need, so I choose for a long time, I check the quality, I think about the outfits and whether I can easily match it with other clothes. Sometimes I save for an expensive coat. Is it because of ecology? I sort garbage, but sometimes I order in a plastic-filled food delivery box. I’m not proud of that, but I’m not lying either. When I think of my future children, I WANT TO LEAVE THEM A PLANET THAT WILL SURVIVE A LITTLE LONGER. So I learned one thing - I don’t need a pile of clothes to be beautiful. In fact, I only need a few clothes that go well with each other.

Now that the closet is open, I see only a few clothes hanging there. But each of them makes me happy, I know that I haven’t wasted neither my time, nor my money, and the things I own are to wear forever. But it’s not just about ecology or finance, it’s a huge self-love lesson, when you tell yourself ‘you’re worth all those “expensive” (and long-lasting) things’.


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