Dear Freedom eco responsible organic independent fashion brand in Europe

ECO-RESPONSIBLE capsule collection of clothes, that we are proud of!

It’s made entirely from materials that are earth and human friendly. These are:

 - GOTS certified ORGANIC COTTON (or simply saying the best organic cotton on earth);

 - FABRIC LEFTOVERS (these are deadstock that was left in the warehouse of the manufacturer to collect dust and to end its life in landfill).



We believe that it’s time to move from an egosystem to an ecosystem, to start imagining new ways of caring for both people and the world around us. We champion a new mindset. We invite you to WEAR YOUR VALUES: care and respect for other, protect our planet, seek for better tomorrow.


We believe that progress isn’t about being faster, but being more conscious.

We leave you with the promise to keep going and strengthening our responsible business practices. We have an inner belief that every small step leads to big changes. We seek for better fashion, that creates better feeling and leads to better tomorrow.


Thank you deep from our hearts, that you allow us to grow by your side.

Dear Freedom earth and human friendly material mix


We seek that from now on and in the future our products are made either from organic cotton, eco cotton, tencel, recycled materials or other sustainable materials, such as leftovers that would overwise collect dust in the warehouse of the giant manufacturer and would wait for the deadend in landfill.

What does it mean?

The materials we use are less toxic to you and our planet: less or no chemicals, lower usage of water, less trash.

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Dear Freedom eco responsible organic independent fashion brand in Europe


Our purpose is to create clothes that you could enjoy wearing everywhere and anytime. The ones that would be worn with as many outfts as possible, would transcendent the season, the ones that you would love and that could be worn longer due to high quality materials and stitching.


We promise to take care of it! And we invite you to take care of the clothes you already own. Thus, if your Dear Freedom clothe has broken – bring it to us, we will do everything we can to have it fixed and to prolong it’s life in your closet. And we will fix it for free.

Dear Freedom reuse resell resycle your clothes

#3 Reuse, resell, recycle

Are you familiar with the feeling, that you don’t want to wear part of your clothes anymore, because you find them boring, or you can’t find the matching pieces? We have a request – please don't end their lifetime in a landfill. We have several suggestions for you what to do with the clothes that you don't don't want to wear anymore.

REUSE. Gift your clothes to a friend, colleague or your cousin for it’s second life;

RESELL on second hand market – there is always a person who will love your clothing piece;

RECYCLE your worn out clothes yourself. Also you may bring your Dear Freedom clothes to us – we will take care of recycling them.

Dear Freedom eco responsible organic independent fashion brand in Europe

#4 We know who made your clothes

Fair trade and responsible fashion is very important to us. All our clothes are cut and stitched locally in Lithuania by small garment factories. They provide good working conditions, there is no child labour, employees earn decent wages. We regularly go to the manufacturing facilities to check the conditions there. So we can assure you that your clothes are made in responsible and fair way.

Furthermore, as we produce our clothes locally in Lithuania our products don’t travel long way from China or elsewhere in Asia to our warehouse. This helps us to contribute towards lower CO2 emission. 


100% ORGANIC COTTON (GOTS certified)


Not harmful for the planet, nor for your health.

No GMO seeds, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used in growing of the cotton.

No toxic chemicals are used in production of the fabric - no formaldehyde, no chlorine, no heavy metals.

The farmers and workers are treated fairly - safe, healthy, non-abusive working environment and fair wages.



100% ECO COTTON (OEKO-TEX certified)


The fabric is tested for harmful substances. No toxic chemicals are used in production - no chlorine, no heavy metals.

Better for your health and safer for the planet.




This fabric was produced as a surplus, not sold by the manufacturer and left in the warehouse waiting for the dead-end in landfill.

We saved it and made this nice piece of clothing.